6 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Learning Inspiration

Learning and development professionals, looking for inspiration on Instagram? We have you covered with these 6 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Learning Inspiration! via @ttcinnovations

Although many individuals use their Instagram feeds to follow brands and influencers unrelated to work, we wanted to gather a few insightful accounts that will add some learning to your scrolling. When we launched our Instagram just a few months ago, our hope was to expand beyond Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest and continue bringing helpful resources and information to all our learning peeps.

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Since then, we have connected with other accounts in the industry that have also been contributing leadership tips, learning nuggets, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and so much more. Instagram is a wonderful place to gain further insight, share ideas, and even network with like-minded learning professionals. Grab a cup of your favorite brew and head over to these top Instagram accounts for some innovation inspiration!

#1 Association for Talent Development

It’s a bit of a no-brainer to follow the Association for Talent Development, but we thought we’d remind you! Learn about all the happenings within ATD, including events, resources, industry books, and more that will help you further your career in learning and development. One thing we absolutely love about ATD? The networking events! See sneak peeks behind these events to make connections and grow with fellow learners.

#2 Powtoon 

Following Powtoon, you are sure to stay on top of all the trends and different features you can utilize in your video learning needs. Gain access to Powtoon tutorials and templates just by following, and join their hashtag #MakeItAwesome to share your work and potentially get reposted. With Powtoon in your feed, there is no doubt that you’ll be inspired to stay on the cutting edge and deliver creative content!

3. Training Industry

If you’re looking for fun thinking prompts to help you while you’re on the job, follow this account! You’ll have the chance to hear from top learning leaders and explore all the latest and best practices for managing the business of learning. We definitely love to see these posts while scrolling through our feed!

4. Quizlet

If you use this tool (like we do), this is your one-stop shop for learning how to use it better! This account (especially their stories) shows you how to use different features of Quizlet so you can optimize it for your designs. They also share helpful testing tips to learn more about the user interface from a learner’s perspective.

5. eLearning Guild 

This account is a go-to for all things eLearning! Scroll through their feed now to get a recap from their recent #LSCon. Any other time, you can expect to see updates for events, eLearning inspiration, and advice from top industry leaders. This is your ticket to a behind-the-scenes look at all the happenings of The eLearning Guild conferences and expos so you can attend wherever you are!

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6. ttcInnovations

If you aren’t following us on Instagram, now is the time to join the fun! There, you won’t miss a #TinyTopicTuesday or blog post. We also occasionally have one of our Innovators take over our stories to share some helpful tips to #UnlockInnovation and give you a chance to meet ttc! Hear from our clients, see our most recent projects, and be the first to know about our fun downloads! You can find tons of information and helpful tools right on our Instagram. Helpful tip: Scroll through our Story Highlights to catch up on all the recent happenings specific to Instagram!

Where do you find inspiration? Hop on over to our Instagram and let us know!  

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