Meet the Innovator: Cheri Vaughn

It’s a new year, and I am so thrilled to introduce you to one of our new account managers — Cheri Vaughn! Cheri and I had a chance to meet in person last December in Raleigh, NC (near her hometown). Curious to know what we were meeting on? Check out the behind the scenes on our Instagram Stories highlights. The ever-thoughtful Cheri came waltzing into our account manager meet-and-greet / onboarding adventure with holiday gifts in hand — so sweet! The two of us had the opportunity to swap stories and brainstorm for the year ahead. Although we’re still getting to know each other, I can already tell this down-to-earth, people person is my kind of gal. Without further ado — let’s get to know what fuels our southern hostess with the mostest!

Cheri, with a new year, comes new responsibilities and roles for you — tell me, how has your role transformed here at ttcInnovations?

I have been working with ttcInnovations for several years as a project manager. I really enjoy working with clients to see their projects through to success. Managing these opportunities involves working closely with clients and building strong relationships with them that foster trust and lasting friendships. Beginning this year, I will be taking on the role of account manager in addition to my project management responsibilities. I see this new role as an extension of the old in that it will allow me to build on the relationships I’ve already created and continue to provide innovative solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients.

What excites you most about this new role?

What’s most exciting about this new role is being able to work with clients from the RFP stage. That means working with the collective ttc team and coming up with innovative and fresh solutions. I’m also looking forward to visiting clients and meeting them face to face.

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• Access to professional development
• Flexible hours and virtual environment

Tell us about your life outside of work.

My husband and I live on the Pamlico River in Washington, North Carolina. He’s retired, but stays busy with odd jobs here and there. Fortunately, we have a lifestyle that allows us to travel — visiting family and friends around the country and seeing lots of new and exciting places. At home, we share our house with Finn, the cat, or maybe I should say he shares it with us. We also have two beautiful daughters who are married to great guys and we try to see them as often as possible.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Living right on the river, I love boating, bicycling, and being outdoors. I also love curling up with a great book!

Coffee or tea — and how do you take it?

Being from the south, sweet iced tea with lemon and lots of ice!

What three things might your clients be surprised to know about you?

  • I was born in Hawaii in the same hospital as Barack Obama and I do have a birth certificate to prove it!
  • I’m a political junkie.
  • I’m into historic preservation.

If you could only bring three books with you while stranded on a desert island, what would they be?

Any three books from the Outlander series by Dianna Gabaldon.

Looking back on your career — what has been your proudest moment?

I’m not sure I have one proud moment, but I am proud of all the great relationships I’ve built over the years and value all the friendships those have produced.

Which core value of ttcInnovations resonates the most with you and why?

I think all are important to keep our clients happy, but integrity is the one that really resonates with me. I love that ttc has such integrity and transparency with both their clients and vendors. Integrity builds trust, and when people trust you, they are more willing to work with you and develop long-term relationships.

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What’s your professional superpower?

Project management and people management

Now that you know more about Cheri, wave ‘hello’ on LinkedIn! I’m sure she’d love to get to know you too!

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About the Author:

Jessica is a full-time marketer, life-long storyteller, and constant learner with a passion for marrying strategy with aesthetics. Throughout her career, Jessica has coached hundreds of small businesses on building purpose-driven brands online. She has spoken on stages across the country including Social Media Marketing World, Yellow Co., and San Diego Ad Club – just to name a few, where she has shared her powerhouse marketing mindset and techniques. She joined the ttcInnovations family full-time in 2017 where she now combines her expertise in digital marketing, her impressive background in teaching, and her knowledge as well as a passion for adult learning. Fueled by coffee, she lives in San Diego with her husband and their two pint-sized golden retrievers.

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