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A learning and development subscription provides access to our extensive network of L&D consultants vetted to create custom training for your business. Through one of our monthly or annual plans, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your business will be supported by a trusted partner with the core values of integrity, dedication, reliability, versatility, and collaboration.

We specialize in sourcing talent for enterprises within both dynamic high-growth and tightly regulated sectors, including finance, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, technology, engineering, oil & gas, etc. And our top-notch consultant network has experience spanning 50+ industries. Rest easy knowing we’ll find you the perfect Innovators, customized to fit your unique culture and business needs.

Our minimum commitment is three months and a minimum of 50 hours per month to get started. Anything less than that hinders goal achievement. 

Your subscription plan’s total hours will be divided equally into monthly periods for tracking, reporting, and invoicing. However, you can adjust monthly hour utilization based on project needs and timelines. For instance, at 100 hours per month for three months (300 total hours), you can use hours flexibly. Up to 15% of unused hours can be rolled forward for up to 45 days after the subscription expires; beyond that, they will not be credited or reimbursed.

Absolutely! Based on your fluctuating needs, you can upgrade to access more features or downgrade to remove unused services. Upgrading and downgrading is simple — just contact your client success partner with your request! The hours and pricing adjustments for your plan will take effect from the next billing cycle onwards.

We know timelines and projects can change. You can put your subscription on hold. However, please note that after the initial 3-month period, you will need to provide a 15-day written notice to request the pause. The pause duration should not exceed a total of 3 months.


After the first three months, you can cancel your subscription anytime with just 30 days’ written notice, no questions asked.

Request as many projects as you want! Your dedicated team will handle them based on their priority in your queue and the available hours in your plan. Tip: Keep your queue well-stocked to maximize your subscription.

Keep in mind the time needed to gather subject matter expertise and conduct reviews. Unlimited revisions are also available, but they may extend the timeline. Nonetheless, your dedicated talent will work efficiently, and some plans offer expedited turnaround options.

Once you’ve determined the plan that meets your needs and are ready to get started, we will send your first invoice and include payment options (credit card, direct deposit, check, or procurement site). You’ll be invoiced on that day each month, or the same date one year later, as applicable.  

Yes. Having multiple plans can be beneficial, as it allows your business to tailor services according to your specific needs and budget. At ttcInnovations, we understand that each business is unique, and our sales representatives are ready to assist you in determining which plan or combination of plans will work best to meet your requirements and objectives. Feel free to reach out to us, and we’ll guide you through the process of choosing the most suitable plans for your business. 

For example, if you’re planning to set up multiple academies, aligning individual subscription plans for each academy could be a great way to meet your individualized goals. You might also think about adding a subscription plan specifically for facilitation support. Or perhaps each line of business has their own subscription. The possibilities are truly endless!

Your dedicated client success partner will provide regular reports with hours, budget tracking, and project updates.

The utilization of hours in your plan is managed according to your needs, and we aim to maximize them in good faith.

In specific situations, you may be able to transfer unused hours to another department for their use. However, the availability of this option can depend on the details of your plan and the contractual agreements in place. To explore the feasibility of such a transfer, we suggest reaching out to your dedicated client success partner. They will be more than happy to discuss transferring hours within your contract.

Yes! Get one extra free week of your subscription for every colleague you refer that becomes a client. They’ll also get a free trial week. Win, win! Contact us for more details. 

With our subscription plans, you can streamline, scale, and increase training output at an affordable and predictable price. Unlike freelancer marketplaces that offer low-quality talent and often tie you to their technology platform, we hand-select professionals based on your unique needs. No job posting or profile scrolling necessary, and you have the freedom to collaborate in the secure environments of your choice.


And unlike in-house talent or staffing agencies — there’s no overhead. We handle recruiting, vetting, hiring, onboarding, and replacements at no added cost to you.


This allows for quick and hassle-free onboarding of a dedicated team of learning experts. Partnering with us simplifies L&D project execution, tracking, management, and collaboration. We ensure a seamless and efficient process, allowing you to focus on achieving your learning goals.

  1. Perfect for emerging companies or those with a small training team seeking more efficient, impactful, and quick-turn learning.
  2. Ideal for mid-size businesses in growth mode to stay ahead of demand, free up their internal team, and elevate learning from foundational to interactive.
  3. Ideal for established organizations that see the value in high-volume outsourcing to maximize their budget.

We hand-select professionals based on your unique needs — no job posting or endless profile scrolling is required.

When it comes to matching talent, our philosophy is to focus first on culture and on skill alignment second. Using this approach, we’ve achieved a 97% matching success rate on the first match and 98% customer retention.

98% of our Innovators are based in the United States, while the remaining 2% are English-fluent and located in Canada and India.

Yes! All content developed with our talent’s support is yours to keep, with no licensing fees. You receive the learning assets along with the source files, allowing you to make future updates effortlessly (or our team can do it for you!).

Our talent builds training using your preferred tools and templates, making maintenance easy. Here are a few of the preferred tools in our experts’ toolbox.

Yes, many of our clients require the use of client-issued equipment or virtual desktops to access proprietary data. We’re happy to accommodate and adapt to whatever environment our clients prefer to get the job done.

The time to build a learning solution depends on various factors: content stability, reusability, SME capacity, complexity of the desired outcomes, and more. Our consultants work hard to maintain the pace of your environment and will partner with you to understand what’s driving your dates and consult on what’s possible.

We prioritize your success by putting quality at the forefront. Our talent selection process is the most rigorous in the industry, resulting in the top 2% of L&D talent working on your projects.

All plans include a 4-point quality assurance process: professional editing, functional testing, brand standard alignment, and instructional consistency. This results in consistent high-quality training, leading to long-term time and cost savings for your organization.

Trust us to deliver exceptional learning solutions that engage learners and drive positive outcomes.

With your subscription, you’ll have access to our dedicated team of real, passionate, and friendly experts who are committed to supporting you throughout your learning journey. Whether you need help with account inquiries or require guided expertise, our team is always available to ensure you receive the best value from ttcInnovations. You can connect with us through various channels, including email, or book a meeting to receive general assistance and tap into our community of experts for additional support.

Yes, we offer project-by-project and staff augmentation services for businesses without the need for ongoing learning support. Our bundled packages allow for a customized blend of these services to suit your specific requirements. For more information or to discuss options, please contact our sales team. We aim to provide flexible solutions to meet your learning needs effectively.

Data security is our top priority. We implement stringent security requirements and protocols, conduct annual audits, and use high-level physical, procedural, and technical measures to safeguard your data. We also comply with the strictest data protection laws. Many clients request security and compliance testing for our talent, which we gladly accommodate at the standard hourly rate. Rest assured, we uphold the highest security standards to protect your data.

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