Meet the Innovator: Emily Meade

Meet Emily, our Social Media Manager turned Marketing Director, as of June 2020! We are so excited to introduce this Northeasterner who has been an integral part of our Marketing Department over the last few years. You can usually find Emily curled up with a good book, scrolling through social media (she calls it marketing research!), snacks nearby, next to her golden fur baby, Poppy June. Without further adieu, meet the face behind the marketing voice here at ttcInnovations! Tell us about yourself! What is your role and how long have you been with ttcInnovations? I never know where to begin with this question! While I went to college in Florida and lived in California (where our CEO is located!), I am originally from Connecticut and that is where I am currently based. Although I loved living in those two other states, especially for the all the sunshine, my family is from the Northeast and being closer to them brought me home. I have six sisters and a one half-brother, so needless to say, there is never a dull moment in our crew, and I am so happy to close by once again! Rewinding to when I lived in California in 2016, I met Jessica Howell, our new Business Operations Specialist, at a networking event in San Diego. Conversations lead to coffee, coffee led to working in her social media consulting and training company. When she decided to join forces with her mom  here at ttc in 2017 as the Director of Marketing, it wasn’t long after that she reached out to bring me on as the Social Media Manager. Juggling freelance work and being in-house at ttc was exhilarating as I dug my heels into my marketing career! Over the years, my role evolved to Marketing Coordinator, and most recently, Jessica switched roles to the operations side of the company making room for me to accept the role of Marketing Director. Needless to say, I am very excited to have the opportunity for growth and to continue sharing the message of ttc to learning and development companies. What’s something you’ve been really proud of lately? I know weight can be a taboo subject, but I recently lost about 20 pounds! While I’m proud of  accomplishing this goal after fluctuating for years post-college, I think I am even more proud of the growth I experienced in my mindset and how it allowed me to remain committed. I know they say the weight loss journey is 80% eating and 20% working out, but for me it felt like 80% mindset and 20% everything else. As a foodie, I had to learn that we can’t rely on our emotion of feeling motivated to persevere through the days of resisting cravings, saying no to “once-in-a-lifetime” treats, or determining whether to work out or not. That lightbulb moment enabled me to unlock discipline in this area that has led to lasting results! What is your professional superpower? Wordsmithing – I love writing! Nothing makes me geek out more than the chance to be witty with words or craft a concise thought. It has definitely come in handy while pursuing a marketing career! What does your perfect Saturday look like? A day out exploring the small towns of New England, or a coffee run and a day at home relaxing and cleaning. Yes, I said cleaning! Nothing is more relaxing to me than tidying up after a long week and making my apartment shine. I am a homebody at heart and nine times out of 10, you can find me putting around the house doing something creative, cooking, or catching up with friends and family. Whether exploring or at home, since my weekdays are spent in front of one screen or another, I usually try to step away from technology on weekends.

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Would you rather have a lifetime supply of sweet treats or salty treats? This is such a difficult question! While I am a self-proclaimed professional snacker, I have a mean sweet tooth! Lately, my go to is Banana Babies, dark chocolate covered frozen bananas. However, I always have trail mix in the cabinet – with mms and peanut butter chips, of course! If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be and why? While I am a perpetual homebody, I love traveling. Experiencing new cultures and foods, taking in the sites – it feeds the foodie junkie and history nerd in me! I’ve slowly been checking off states (I’m at 27!), and I’ve been to Europe three times (once backpacking to 12 countries!). The next places on my list are England and Hawaii. The history and countryside of England fascinates me, and the acai bowls and beaches of Hawaii are calling my name! What is the best piece of advice you have received? Hold life loosely. One of my mentors shared that with me at a particularly challenging time in college, and it has been a valuable practice into my 20s. She shared that we should enjoy the joyful seasons and grow through the trying times. We never know what season life will bring along, but we do know it will probably bring both – sometimes separately and sometimes simultaneously. But if we hold the things in life loosely, we can welcome the growth each season has for us and let go of the things that don’t contribute to furthering character growth in the process. Coffee or tea? Both! I love a good Vanilla Iced Latte with oat milk or a nice cup of tea. But I don’t have either every day! Since it is summer in Connecticut, I’ve really been enjoying steeping a pitcher of peach tea, refrigerating it, and sipping a tall glass over ice as I’m working. So refreshing! Which core value of ttcInnovations resonates the most with you and why? All of them are so powerful when it comes to not only our professional work, but our personal lives as well. I think integrity resonates with me in a unique way. In a podcast with Brene Brown, she shared that integrity is “choosing courage over comfort; choosing what is right over what is fun, fast, or easy; and choosing to practice our values rather than simply professing them.” I felt like that defined integrity for me in a new way, and it made me realize that embodying integrity in all we do (work and personal) unlocks the other ttc core values of responsiveness, quality, and innovation.

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About the Author:

Emily is a social media marketer with an affinity for bringing an authentic voice to creative words. In the past few years, Emily has primarily assisted both small and large businesses alike craft their brand, grow their audience, and build community through social media platforms. Her own writing can be found on a number of blogs relating to the industry and laced through social media accounts masked as the brand’s identity. She first joined the ttcInnovations’ family as a freelance contractor but has now settled into a part-time role where she oversees all social media initiatives with her expertise flair and intrapreneurial skills. Her love for craft coffee, explorative travel, and watercolor art fuel her inspiration and creativity on the job.

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